40th Anniversary Gig 2

Sunday, May 2, 2004 7:49 | Filled in Blog

In May I again played a special 40th anniversary gig. Below are a selection of the comments I received from audience members in the following days.

I thought I’d write, to let you know that I have just came back from hearing and watching Donovan, in concert at the Glasgow Concert Hall. Although it was fantastic, and the 2500 – 3000 people enjoyed it, it was not a patch on your concert at Huntingdon Hall last week. Not even close!! I have listened to your CD’s since coming back up to Glasgow, almost non-stop, and I cannot believe that there are so many people, wandering about out there, who have not even heard one of your songs. ‘Anon’ is magnificent, as is ‘1964’, and ‘Songs that Harry wrote’ is up there, next to ‘Sweet little fat girl’ in my top five best songs ever. I cannot thank you enough.

I just wanted to say thank you not just for the concert at Worcester a real joy, intimate and warm. (A friend who had neve seen or heard you bought two albums they where so impressed) More importantly for the last 30+ years. During that time certain songs have moved, elated and sustained me. I can still recall my first encounter with you as you walked on to the stage at Brum to support Focus. It took some of my rocker mates so much by storm that they followed you from venue to venue, one of them still claims he was the first to whistle on “Otter in the water” at the New Dog House, captured for ever he claims. Any way enough of this, thank you yet again for 40 years, for lyrics and melodies that are recalled again and again.

I was at the concert last night, and I thought I’d write to you and let you know what an amazing experience it was. I have been to a lot of concerts over the years, and never have I heard songs delivered with such clarity and meaning. Your stories were magnificent, not to mention funny and poignant, and made the evening more complete.

Just a quick message to say how much my wife and I enjoyed your gig at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester, last night. Your songs and stories took us back through our own lives, so many of the milestones on the way being associated with one of your songs. How do you manage to put so succinctly into words the thoughts we all think and the feelings we all feel? And how do you manage to put those words to such memorable melodies? A gift, indeed! Look after yourself! Hope to see your “50 years on the road” anniversary gig!

I always feel less ashamed to be me after seeing Harvey Andrews. The next day, when I’m at work, I can be like a child. I don’t feel quite so foolish for being dreamy and idealistic and for having heroes.

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