Gold Star To The Ozarks

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In the early 1960’s a wave of songwriter/performers flooded the airwaves of radio and television in Britain and America.

Harvey Andrews was one of them.

In this memoir Harvey shows how a young boy in 1950’s England could eventually grow into a “Writer of Songs” still writing and performing succesfully half a century later, like many of his generation.

With humour and insight he recalls the faces and places of his childhood while the musical soundtrack of his youth plays in the background.

From the singing cowboy Roy Rogers through church choir, Gilbert and Sullivan, Glenn Miller, George Formby, John Hanson, film musicals and “Family Favourites” to Buddy Holly, Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, it’s a journey taken by so many from the greats of Rock to the doyens of Folk – a musical golden age that will never be forgotten.

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“Bought your autobiography and I’m half way through. It’s brilliant. I don’t want it to finish. I’m an English teacher and want to be writer and your writing does everything I want to do with my writing… it has made me laugh out loud and it’s made me cry several times. What you do makes other people happy/sad/feel and that’s a grand thing.”