Concert feedback, Kloster Steinfeld

Saturday, October 2, 2004 7:46 | Filled in Blog

Last Friday I visited your concert in Kloster Steinfeld, Germany (Maybe you remember me, I was the one who told you during the break that he is a fan of your music for more then thirty years and that Down So Long It Looks Like Up was one of the first songs he learned to play on guitar) and I have to say, that this gig was a great pleasure for me.

As I told you, I love your music since the early 70´s. The first song I heard was Writer of Songs then came Down So Long… I tried to get every LP or CD from you, which was rather diffficult in Germany. And I tried to play your songs on my guitar and to sing them. As you grew older so I did. When you sang songs of your love, I sang them too.

Now I am 50 and now I hear your songs about growing kids who are leaving home, and think about my kids. That´s great. But during all the time. I never had the chance to see you on stage – till last Friday. So, I think, now you can imagine, why last Friday was such a great pleasure for me. Well Harvey, that´s all I wanted to tell you. Thank you for last Friday and thank you for your songs, which are a part of my life. I hope to see you once more

Best wishes
Klaus, Cologne

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