Ely concert

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 8:04 | Filled in Blog

This was a night to remember for more reasons than one. On the way to the gig just outside Ely a police car appeared behind me with flashing lights. I pulled over, slowed down to let him pass and waited. He stayed behind me. Looking in my mirror I saw him signal for me to pull over. Examining my conscience and knowing I had adhered to all speed limits I was confident of being not guilty of any offence. I pulled over.

The police car behind me stopped, the police car behind him stopped, and a third car came round in front of me. Now I was worried. Knowing myself to be innocent I thought about getting out of the car with my hands raised screaming “Don’t shoot!” However, it transpired that my car answered the description of an escaping burglar. With profuse apologies, they made their red-faced getaway, leaving me to ponder the question of the quality of police intelligence. However, glad to see them on the job!

“It was just wonderful to see you at Ely again last night after too long a gap. All the magic is still there after all these years, and like good wine, everything matures to perfection. Played ‘Somewhere in the Stars’ on the way home last night and again on the way into the office this morning, and shed a tear here and there. What a fantastic bunch of songs, sensitively arranged and beautifully delivered as always.”
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