Fantasies From A Corner Seat

The Fantasies From A Corner Seat cover

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Subsequently re-released in part on Someday Fantasies and in full on Resigning from Today.


“If success in the music business depended only on talent, Andrews and Cooper would be destined for super-stardom. Their new album is so good it makes you purr. Sadly promotion and luck count more than rave notices, and they may remain in the wings of national popularity.

“The album is stronger than its predecessors. Harvey’s lyrics are superb. Each song is a complete, well structured story of aspects of life which often pass unnoticed. Graham adds a new dimension to the songs and the production is great.”
Express and Star

“Harvey Andrews is concerned with the circumstances of life as it affects the common man. It is his ‘common touch’ that distinguishes him from lesser writers currently seeking to emerge from minority acclaim to national fame. If the stars had been kinder he would have made it two years ago. Now his recording attitude has matured and I hope his polish won’t become too deep for fans to believe they discovered him and applied their own polish.”
Music Week

“It is a superb album. The lyrics are sharp, the insight penetrating; the arrangements are devastating, the production flawless – without doubt, Harvey’s most mature work to date.”
Wolverhampton Chronicle