Folk man’s comedy and cutting comment

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Harvey Andrews at Sheringham Little Theatre

A near capacity crowd had a rare treat on Friday as the ‘legendary” Harvey Andrews gave a faultless performance as part of his final UK tour of his own personal favourite venues and folk clubs from his 50 years on the road.

As he explained in his own relaxed, cheerful style “I am the last of my generation of singer/songwriters, largely because I have outlived the rest!”

At 68 he has lost none of his laid-back style as he held the audience spellbound with a set of old and loved songs mixed with new ones which were so well-crafted that we all knew them and sung along before the second chorus.

As always his effortless stories and anecdotes between the beautiful songs where hugely entertaining, amusing, (the kitten had us in fits) thoughtful and even deeply philosophical at times.

We were transported back on waves of nostalgia to a simpler age of push button telephone boxes, Saturday morning pictures, radio programmes the whole family, 10% house deposits or when all men whistled in the street, the milkman, the paper boy the dustman.

However among all this Harvey is still capable of deep social and political comment which formed so much of his formative years, about politicians. selfish motorway drivers, modern poetry, TV fame shows and the use of social media.

In fact when he asked us “is it me or is the world out there just Bonkers” we all voiced our agreement! As Harvey said “most people retire to travel – not me – I am retiring BECAUSE of the travel!”

One great piece of news which was announced by organiser Scott Butler of Deckchair Productions is that he has persuaded Harvey back to Norfolk to perform at next years Folk On The Pier Festival.

Richard Tree

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2 Comments to Folk man’s comedy and cutting comment

  1. Padraig Purseal says:

    November 5th, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    All very well but you never told us what he sang.
    I’m a Dubliner though a fan of Andrews since Hey Sandy days never scene him live as he’s never got this far
    And now he saying goodbye and you don’t even tell me what he sang at one of his farewell doos

  2. trudilouise says:

    November 6th, 2011 at 12:37 am

    I always thought Harvey was the most wonderful Impressionist painter, better than any I’ve seen to date. He takes our ancient medium of language and turns it into something so incredibly beautiful that it stays with you in fragments. I just hope the numerous songs that never made it to the studio make it to the printed page. Maybe not for great benefit of the maestro himself but in the best artistic traditions, those behind him. But less selfishly, if anyone has earned a long, happy, health retirement, Harvey has. Wonderful gig tonight.