Glad to Be Grey!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 13:46 | Filled in Uncategorized

After three months of blessed inactivity, no motorways, and many books read, those of you who said I would miss the life are half right! I am missing performance and have been thinking of ways to keep my hand in.

So here’s the plan.

I have a one man show I’m calling “Glad to be Grey”, an entertainment of self-written songs, monologues and stories for baby boomers and beyond – in other words, my own generation.

I won’t be performing greatest hits, but I will be setting out to entertain with humour, nostalgia and a very occasional rant. The idea is to entertain people who don’t really know my general body of work.

So I’m asking – does anyone have a charity they’d like to do a fundraising gig for? Would you like to put me on in your village hall? Do you have a theatre venue? Would you like a house gig? Do you have a slot at a festival?

I am only thinking of the period April to October, then I will hibernate again.

I’m willing to consider anything but would prefer it to be within the counties of Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Cheshire, West Midlands, Staffordshire, Gloucester, Merseyside and anywhere in Wales.

But feel free to contact me wherever you are on

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