Media: odds and ends

Man With A Gun, The Him and Us dancers

This is a curiosity I never knew existed. The single was issued by Transatlantic and sank without a trace. It would not have been my choice for radio play at the time. However, this gem appeared recently on the web, much to my astonishment. The PR department obviously did a good job getting this on the programme.< Golden Pennies, opening and end credits

I walked in to the office of ATV’s head of music just as he was reading a letter asking him to commission a theme song. He looked up and said: “Hello Harvey, you can do this.” The company wanted a folk type song so I wrote it in my head on the car journey home. When I sang it to my wife she said it was just what they wanted, and then told me to write a ballad as well, pointing out that TV themes were big sellers and my unnaccompanied shanty style song was not a chart topper! Eventually she persuaded me and I submitted both. The ballad was chosen and issued as a single that did quite well. The series was shown around the world. I recorded a new, complete, version of the song for Somewhere in the Stars.

Riding Free, song featured in the film ‘Psychomania’

I didn’t write this song, only sang it. More background on the film on YouTube.