Norwich Arts Theatre 16/11/04

Tuesday, November 16, 2004 7:45 | Filled in Blog

Harvey Andrews may have completed forty years at the top of his chosen profession and released fifteen albums; the long haired hippy of the 1960s may have been replaced by an urbane, avuncular figure…but his songs and music today are as topical and meaningful as they were when he abandoned teaching and started out in Birmingham as a singer-songwriter all those years ago.

Teaching’s loss was music’s gain and from the time he struck up the first chord of his song “Friends Till Then” until he concluded with one of his best known songs “Writer of Songs” the audience at The Norwich Arts Theatre was completely captivated. With material as diverse as the emotive “Sandy” which was the hit song of the Cambridge Folk Festival in 1971, to “The Old Tin Bath” which opens the second half of a production for which he has written the songs and which will star Jasper Carrott, to “Margarita” which is the biographical story of his blind great aunt whose fiance was killed on the first day of World War I, to “Impressions” which is one of the tracks on his latest CD, he proved without doubt that he really is a “writer of songs”.

Harvey Andrews returns to Norfolk on April 15th when he will be at Sheringham Little Theatre. Don’t miss him!

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